Film photography. Present simple

Estoy estudiando inglés con mi hijo, el presente simple, formación de preguntas y respuestas cortas: yes, he does, no he doesn’t, etc.


Do you miss film photography?

yes, I do

spain 010839.jpg

You you like the way film captures light?

Yes, I do

spain 010853.jpg

Is BW analogue photography the core of photography?

Yes, it is

spain 011002.jpg

Do you think a photograph must be perfect?

No, I don’t

spain 010998.jpg

Do you love failures and blurred images?

Yes, I do.

spain 010837.jpg

Does film provide the best and most natural colors in photography?

Yes, it does

spain 010879.jpg

Is film photography the best way to express feelings with a camera?

Yes, it is

spain 010878.jpg


No, I’m not, but I would like living on a hut sometimes.

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